Kai at ‘Kai’

Beautiful Kai (food) at Kaiteriteri beach’s new foodie hotspot; ‘Kai’!

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This beach is the gift that keeps on giving, and I cant get enough! Its one of the most beautiful places to relax and bathe, and its right on our doorstep. Popped over here for a Friday morning snack with mummy dearest (who also paid), and hit up our favourite beach side cafe that we knew as ‘the shoreline’, but has been renamed and revamped and now goes by the name of ‘Kai’, and boy do they offer some good Kai!

We shared some Absolutely Delicious friands and Orange Almond cake which both had beautiful flavour and were well worth the calories! I also did that thing again where my inner British person takes over and craves a cup of tea, so I didn’t manage to try their Chai however I’m sure ill be back soon enough to get some latte lovin’!

9/10 for Kai, they have the best location where you can sit outside and soak up the sun, sand and serenity of the beach whilst enjoying some top notch food and drink! their new renovations make the place so light and airy inside and out, and is a perfect beach side hot-spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just a little naughty treat.

Kai (2)

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