The Happiest Chippy?

The Happy Chippy on High; a classic kiwi fish and chip shop located right on the bustling high street of one of New Zealand’s busiest summer towns. But does it live up to its name and provide fantastic eats that make me smile from ear to ear?

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Kaiteriteri has been spoiling us with beautiful weather recently, makes for a perfect location to enjoy evening nosh! Unfortunately there were no Chippie’s or Dairy’s open past 7pm at the beach, so we had to make a little pit stop along the way for our fish and chips fix. Luckily ‘The Happy Chippy’ had their doors wide open, and their chips certainly did live up to their name!Their chips were super yummy and were crispy on the outsides and soft and fluffy on the inside, just how chips should be! I opted for the fish which left a little to be desired, I felt like it lacked in flavour and the crumb on the outside was a little soggy which left me disappointed. That being said, their menu is packed with classic kiwi fish and chip shop favourites, and they definitely put a smile on the face of their locals and travelers passing through.

A 6.5/10 for this little chippy, they serve some decent chips however their other menu items need to live up to the chip standards! A good place to stop if you are hankering for a late night dinner thats cheap and fills the tum.


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