Mot Cafe and Bike Co.

A bike shop that also does amazing food? You heard me. Mot Bike Co not only provides the latest bike models, but the most delicious food and drinks.

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Good god it’s crazy just how much Christmas shopping can work up an appetite, every store I went into the hungrier I got from seeing all the festive treats and sweets! So, me being me, I persuaded mum to take us to a cafe for a little post-shop pick-me-up.

Our craving for a cuppa lead us to Mot Bike Co, a little bike shop-come-cafe set just outside of Motueka town itself. I have to say I’m not a big fan of biking, but I would be if the glee I got from riding a bike matched the feeling I got from trying their produce!

The setting is a small warehouse that has been decked out with rustic furniture and decor to create a modern but homely vibe that ties in perfectly with their bike shop section of the premises. As soon as we entered my eyes were drawn directly to their food cabinet, and I was delighted to see fully stocked shelves with plenty of options to choose from, alongside their set menu with their locally famous pizzas! Of course mum and I couldn’t resist but to share a slice of their carrot cake, and boy was it heavenly. There was a perfect ratio of cream cheese icing to cake and they are incredibly generous with their portions; we ordered a slice and received a wedge (I’m definitely not mad at that). Washed down with a classic cup of English breakfast tea, it made for a very satisfying and naughty morning treat.

A very well deserved 8.5/10 for Mot Bike Co; their homely setting, excellent nosh and premium customer service creates a wonderful, cosy vibe that makes you want to stay and order endless cups of tea and slices (wedges in their case) of cake! The only things that could be improved is to have more smaller tables rather than a few huge tables, and to have more outside seating so that customers can lap up the Nelson summer sun. That being said, I strongly recommend this place to anybody who wants a breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner food fix as The Mot Bike Co offers it all! Great food for good value; its definitely worth a visit.

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