Marvelous Market Food

Marvelous food served at the Founders Great Christmas Market, and on the cheap too!

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December is nearly upon us and we all know what that means…. CHRISTMAS! I love everything about Christmas; the decorations, the presents, spending time with family, and especially the food. I think we can all agree when I say the lead up to Christmas is one of the best parts of the holiday, as there are so many events and festivities that the community can get involved in to come together and share the love and celebrate Christmas.

Founders Heritage Park is a small museum in Nelson that shows the history of the area and how it has evolved through the ages to become the beautiful city it is today. Every year, Founder’s Park host a ‘Founder’s Great Christmas Market’ where artisans of the area come and sell their trinkets, produce and craft to the community. I have never been before, but as it was such a beautiful day and my mates and I were craving some market food, we decided to go and see what all the fuss was about!

The vibe of the market itself was very boutique-y with a whole array of stalls selling various items. The atmosphere was incredibly warm and social, with people of all ages coming together and supporting the local businesses.

When you come to a market you never really know what stalls or attractions are going to be there, however you can always be assured that the food at marketplaces will be delicious. The Founders Christmas Market sure did live up to my market food standard. I was bombarded with the smells of savoury and sweet options from various cuisines; French, Dutch, Japanese and Mexican just being a few of what was on offer! It took FOREVER to decide what to fill my tum with (I wanted it all) but I finally settled for Teriyaki chicken on rice from a local sushi market stall. A huge portion of delicious chicken on rice with a lovely little side slaw, all for only $5! The chicken could’ve used a little more marinade as it was quite dry with the rice, but apart from that they slayed the chicken on rice game. That’s another thing about market food, you can always trust there is going to be amazing grub that doesn’t break the bank.

A solid 8.5/10 for the ‘Founders Great Christmas Market’, my first time coming with definitely not be the last. They had such a beautiful selection of stalls that sold an array of items, however the prices of the wares were certainly not student friendly and only a certain customer could afford most of it! They also needed to increase the number of stalls that accepted eftpos, as in this day and age not many people carry cash around with them, and its highly annoying lining up to get cash out and being charged for it. Apart from these minor issues it was a beautiful market that truly captured the essence of Nelson and how close knit the community is.


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