Ooh La La, La Gourmandise

A gorgeous cafe inspired by the classic bistros of Paris, and serving delectable French cuisine that grace the palettes of nelsonians. Oh la la!

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Hot sunny days are usually for the beach or the river, but for mum and I they mean a full day of retail therapy and a girls lunch out! Nelson is a boutique city that not only has beautiful independent stores perfect for Christmas shopping, but also has masses of enticing restaurants and cafes. Naturally we planned our shopping trip so we HAD to have lunch in town, so we stopped at our go-to favourite cafe; La Gourmandise. 

La Gourmandise has found a niche in the nelson cuisine scene, and when stepping into the restaurant it feels like you are stepping right into a French bistro tucked away in the secret side streets of Paris. The decor is very understated but brings a warm cosy feel to the place, which in my eyes is key for an enjoyable dining experience! The lunch menu at la Gourmandise is typically French and features drool-worthy items; with crepes, gourmet sandwiches and their famous savoury galettes.

As soon as I looked at the menu I was captured by their smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese galette, and although I wanted to try something a little out there and different, my stomach said otherwise. So I went for the salmon galette. You could say it was the safe option but far out I’m going to keep playing it safe if it means I get served Food that divine every time! There was perfect ratios of cheese to avocado to salmon, which is a rarity, and this was all encased in a lush crispy golden galette. All polished off with a cup of tea (which was much needed from all the shopping) and a little complementary sweet treat on the side, it made for a very satisfactory lunch.

A well-deserved 9/10 for La Gourmandise; the food, atmosphere, and customer service was second to none. The only faults was I feel like all the galettes should be served with some salad or greenery, and the drinks service could be a little faster, however these are only minor points which I am clutching at straws to find!

If you ever find yourself ambling around Nelson and in need for a feed at a reasonable price, I highly recommend La Gourmandise. A glorious little spot for a warm, heart-lifting breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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