Getting Classy at Coene’s

A stunning restaurant situated alongside the waterfront that provides beautiful views, ambiance and cuisine all day and all of the night.

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Got our fancy pants on and sauntered out to wellys famous Coene’s restaurant situated in the heart of the Oriental Bay. Our tummy’s were clamouring for a feed, and we knew that this place was well known for their amazing cuisine and breathless views of the bay. Making sure our hair was fixed and our outfits were presentable, we bit the bullet and engaged in a proper lady’s lunch.

Coene’s is by far one of the best spots for a restaurant. With views overlooking the waterfront and business district of Wellington, the day and night sights accompany their exquisite fine dining perfectly. Their menus are split into food and drink, where both have a multitude of mouthwatering options that are just too hard to choose from! Eventually after much consideration and telling our waitress that we needed “just one more minute”, I decided on their house made cold brew coffee and a feta, avocado and pea smash. It took a little while to arrive to our table, however on a Friday lunchtime they were slammed and if they went any faster they would need double the staff!

When I say you eat with your eyes, I mean it, as when our food arrived at our table I devoured it at first sight. The presentation of the dishes was just an introduction into the explosion of flavours that blew our palettes away once we tasted our meals. My feta and avocado smash was perfectly seasoned, and smooth the the bite. Adding well toasted sourdough to the mix added a needed crunch to the meal that was elevated with a sprinkling of dukkah spices. An amazingly balanced vegetarian lunch dish that satisfied every taste bud on my tongue.

The silly season is upon us, and this is well celebrated by Coene’s as they are a Christmas party hotspot for everybody! There were two sets of parties happening whilst we lunched, some may find it annoying but I found their joyful, slightly drunk vibes incredibly amusing and warm vibe to our lunch experience, as everybody was celebrating being together and sharing and creating unforgettable memories.

For me, Coene’s scores a whopping 9/10 on the CCL scale, as they reflected what true hospitality should be. Amazing service, a beautiful location, and cuisine to die for. The only let downs were minute details such as slower service and some of the customers visiting the restaurant, however on any other day I am sure this would be of no issue. If you are ever in need of a super filling, delicious and instagrammable breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I highly recommend visiting this seaside hotspot to quench your need for a feed. I am 100% going to revisit this luxe location and try their dinner menu to see if it lives up to their brunch and lunch rating.