Olive This Place a Lot!

Tucked away in amongst Cuba streets alternative shops is the elegant yet fittingly quirky cafe-come-restaurant, Olive.

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If you’ve been to Wellington, you know that Cuba Street is one of the best places to go if you are searching for somewhere to eat. This eclectic sand vibrant street is packed full of restaurants and cafes that cater for any diet, and fit any appetite. Along this street, tucked away in between a fruit market and alternative clothes shop is the beautiful café-come-restaurant, Olive. This restaurant is so special because it transitions so effortlessly between a relaxing daytime brunching spot to an elegant and refined, upscale restaurant.

The inside of Olive is the definition of ‘Fancy Wellington’, with neutral and clean interiors, but with little pops or quirkiness in art and furniture that give it a unique but warm charm. We decided to sit in their outdoor courtyard area, which felt like we were dining in the middle of a rainforest with the slightly hipster plant décor and dark outside furniture. During the winter the courtyard wouldn’t be as exciting, however as it was summer the sun illuminated with courtyard, and made it a little bit magic.

Now onto the exciting part – the menu! From previously dining her for my sister graduation, I knew their food is incredible and inventive, however I didn’t quite prepare myself for being met with a lunch menu where every single item sounded just as good as each other. It took me about 20 minutes to decide what I was having, we even had to end up flipping a coin to decide between the Eggs Florentine and the Nectarine Bruschetta! But the coin landed on heads, and bruschetta it was. That coin served me some favours, because my meal was absolutely to die for! The bruschetta was perfectly toasted, with handmade cream cheese accenting the fresh tomatoes and slightly roasted nectarines. Topped off with some fresh micro-basil and I had myself a lunch straight from the heavens. 

Olive is a gem of a place to go and I felt incredibly treated after going there, which is why this beautiful establishment scores a whopping 9/10 on the CCL scale! The staff were incredibly friendly, my company was amazing, the food was delicious; all of this made for a lush dining experience. The only remarks I could make about it was the slow service, which was due to the masses of people eating there (I don’t blame them for choosing there), and that the exposed courtyard did make way for welly’s famous wind to funnel through the open roof – meaning we had to protect our food and drinks from incoming debris! Olive is a truly stunning place to go for a quiet coffee, a social brunch, or sophisticated dinner. I highly recommend trekking up Cuba street and scoping this place out to see for yourselves the wonders it has to offer.


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