Good Morning Morri Street!

A morning full of fights, shopping and make-ups calls for a much needed lunch break! Morri Street cafe was there to save our stomachs (and potentially our family ties), however Morri Street Cafe could’ve served up a little more TLC.

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Ah Christmas. The time for giving, love and cheer. In our family, Christmas represents a time where we can love, give and cheer, but also argue, fall-out and cry. This morning we were all up early, rushing around to pick up ANOTHER sibling from the airport, and then venturing into Nelson to do some Christmas shopping. After about 3 fights, 1 cry, losing mum, getting NOWHERE with presents, we all agreed that we were in need of a feed.

Our rumbling stomachs took us towards Morri Street Café, a little set-up right in the heart of the boutique shops and outlets within the heart of Nelson. The café has a very rustic and chill atmosphere, and provides something for all plethora of people. As soon as we took a seat outside we were met with water menus, and an offer of drink instantly, which was incredible considering how busy the place was! Guess what. Even through the sheer heat of the summer. I did it. THE CHAI LATTE MADE ITS COME BACK. However, my excitement to drink up this promised spicy beverage was shattered as I tried the first sip. It was like drinking warm milk, and I was very sad to have this as the first chai latte of the summer. I wanted a spice hit, and got served an adult sized fluffy.

Morri Street managed to break through my salty mood caused by the tragic chai, and slightly redeemed themselves by serving up a pretty decent salmon and cream cheese bagel. A tasty wholemeal bun (which maaaaybe could’ve been more toasted) was smothered in beautiful cream cheese, grilled salmon, spinach and watercress, with little capers to add a pop of flavour. A very good bagel in my eyes, that did its job and filled my lil’ belly and lifted my mood! The rest of my family felt similar effects with their food, and in no time, we were acting like how a real family should, actually talking without raised voices!

I have to say, I’m not super-duper impressed with Morri Street Café, however I’m not truly disappointed. There were definitely points that were highlights, like the flavours of my salmon bagel and the impressive customer service. These were sadly countered by my let down of a chai latte which, if you’ve followed my journey for a while, can make or break a café crawl experience for me. I’m going to give a 6.75/10 for Morri Street. Their food was nice, but not mind-blowing, their customer service was excellent considering just how busy they were, however their drinks really let me down. If you’re in need of a little food fix up, I wouldn’t say no to coming here, however there are definitely other places I would recommend going to fill the food hole.

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