Amble into the Abel Tasman

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My wonderful mother celebrates her birthday today, and what a glorious day it is! The sun is shining, the weather is hot; so, us and our good spirits took advantage of this and headed over to the Abel Tasman National Park for a little hike as a little birthday treat for my mum.

If you ever get the chance to experience the wonders of the Abel Tasman, I encourage you to do so! Golden beaches, Clear water and plenty of walking tracks, what more could you ask for??? It is a hotspot for travelers and locals alike, and when Nelson is providing a scorcher of a day, there is no better place to bring yourself. Starting in Marahau, we followed the main trail to a little cove where we sunbathed, swam and soaked up the scenery. Our little hike sure did work up an appetite, and by the time we arrived back in Marahau, our tummies were rumbling something crazy! Since it was a special occasion, lunch was 100% on the cards, and I could not have been happier to oblige.

Situated right on the start and end of the Abel Tasman trail is the Park Café, which is a go-to for walkers, beach-goers and campers! This place is super rustic, and has everything that a tired hiker or a peckish café-goer needs. During the day they are a quaint, indie café and at night they are a bustling restaurant serving up the best wood-fired pizza and live music in the bay!

The Park café truly does have everything to offer; with a plentiful breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner menu, alongside cabinet food and an endless drinks menu, it makes for an incredibly tough choice every time I come here! After the walk I needed a hit of refreshment, and Allganics Apple and Guava juice quenched every thirst need in my body whilst tasting like a tropical dream. Now to fix my aching hunger, and that was made incredibly easy, as when I locked eyes with the roasted vege and brie panini I knew it was exactly what I needed. The Park Café need an award for their panini’s, because mine was everything I could want and more from a gourmet sandwich. It was jam packed with seasonal roasted veges, smothered in melted brie, and topped off with sweet tomato chutney and a summery side salad. This meal did not last long on my plate, but I still managed to savour every single glorious bite.

The Park Café is in a perfect spot right at the start of the tramp, bringing in travellers and trekkers from near and far. They also serve up the perfect mix of food to satisfy every single person’s cravings that walk through their doors. With super friendly staff, tantalising food, and a plethora of drinks ranging from juices to coffees to shots, this place really has it all. The Park Café scores a huge 9/10 on the Café Crawler Lucy scale, as they really know how to create a chill ambience that perfectly complements the vibes of the people and surroundings of the Abel Tasman. If you’re planning to hike the Abel Tasman, or maybe even just want to enjoy the Golden Beaches of Marahau, make this place your one-stop spot for incredible food, drinks and service. After dining here, I am definitely one happy tramper indeed.

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