Ready for this Jelly(fish)

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January has been a flipping busy month I tell you! I was in desperate need of a foodie outing, as was my blog, and somehow my mum read my mind and asked if I wanted to pop out for a bite to eat. I don’t actually think I verbally responded to her bequest, instead I just ran for the car excited at the prospects of yummy food and good mother daughter catch up time (and not having to pay for any of it). The sun was shining and it was an absolute scorcher, so we drove down to the beautiful Mapua Wharf to see what place took our fancy!

After ambling around a few cafes and seeing what they had to offer, we reached Jellyfish, and as soon as we saw ‘salt and pepper squid’ on their menu, we couldn’t say no. Jellyfish has the perfect location being situated right on the wharf-side, offering absolutely stunning views of the Mapua inlet and rabbit island. We sat right on the deck where we could enjoy our meal whilst watching the world go by.

As it was such a hot day we desperately needed a cool refreshment, so we both chose Jellyfish’ house-made Lemon and Pear Juice, which definitely tantalised our taste-buds, with a sweet hit of pear and a punch of tangy lemon! Choosing what the eat was equally as easy, as we have an unspoken agreement to ALWAYS order squid when its offered, as it is probably the best type of seafood ever. However, we are both avid lovers of salmon, and their cured Ora Salmon jumped sparked both of our appetites and got our tummies rumbling.

Now, being called Jellyfish, one would assume they knew their seafood and just how to cook it to perfection. Well Jellyfish, I have hand it to you, our expectations were blown out the park! The salmon was perfectly cured and thinly cut, and matched with a punchy wasabi mayo with a light fennel and radish salad to complement the delicate salmon flavours. But that squid left me speechless. Perfectly cooked squid that had been rolled in seasoned flour and deep fried, matched with a dressed rocket salad and garlic aioli really ticked all the boxes that my appetite yearned for.

Jellyfish is one of my favourite places to go not just in Mapua, but in the whole of the Nelson region. It transitions perfectly between a casual daytime lunching spot to a cosy and romantic night time dining scene. Their food and drink is of an amazing standard, and is served by polite, caring and sociable waitstaff. All of this put together created an impeccable experience for me, and I’m sure they gave the same feeling to all of their customers. I score Jellyfish a whopping 9/10 on the CCL scale. Their immaculate food, drinks and service bumped them right to the top of the scale and I’m sure all of their other satisfied customers would agree with my rating! The only little niggle is their bathroom situation, as I was waiting for the loo for ages because they only had one women’s loo, but this is incredibly minor and should not ever put anybody off coming here for a wonderful day or night out.

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