Prefab Palavers

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I took the café crawl back to Wellington for a few days as after an incredibly grueling few weeks of work I needed a detox – and what better way to detox than to go to a city with the best foodie hot-spots! I’ve lived in Wellington for a few years now, however I am constantly stunned by the number of city-famous places that I haven’t tried and tested. I met up with a few of my girls to go and have lunch, and received faces of pure shock when they found out I had never been to Prefab. I guess my inexperience with this wellington foodie hub made the decision of where to grab a bite to eat much easier!

Tucked away down one of the side lanes off Taranaki street is the stunning establishment, Prefab, that has a very modern, clean and hipster look to the building. The front is all glass which allows you to sit and have a lovely meal or coffee and watch the world go by. As we walked inside I was surprised at the sheer size of the place – the high ceilings and influx of natural light make it seem like it goes on forever and ever! Black paint and wooden wall décor gave the place a very industrial vibe, which creates an effortlessly casual and social atmosphere. The café itself was absolutely packed, and there were barely any seats available, which is saying something as they have cornered the market in tables and chairs. We managed to time our visit perfectly, as seats at the window bar had just become available so we can sit, gossip and take in the fresh air.

The food and drinks offered by Prefab is a bunch of yummy savoury and sweet treats, and they include options that suit diets in any shape or form! They also have an open kitchen spread right across the back of the dining area, so you can experience the wonderful tastes and smells that are being whipped up by their talented chef crew. Reading the menu, I was instantly drawn to their mozzarella, tomato and basil sub as I am a confessed lover of anything Italian. Around 10 minutes later the most appetising looking lunch was placed in front of me; a lightly toasted sandwich with oozing mozzarella and tomatoes finished off with sprinkles of basil leaves, and some garlic aioli on the side to add a little extra flavour. This was by far one of the tastiest subs I have tasted, and the aioli took it to a whole new level of Italian deliciousness.

A very successful first time at Prefab – with more visits to come! I am not at all surprised at how prefab manages to draw in a crowd at any point of the day as their delectable eats, on-point service and robust hipster-like interior creates a vibrant and collective environment that nobody can refuse. After finally experiencing one of the most popular foodie’s hub, I can confidently rate them a 8.5/10 on the Café Crawler Lucy scale. They had food to die for, amazing customer service and a very friendly and social ambiance that I love when going out for a girly gossip. Very little negatives, however I feel like the inside space could maybe be laid out better to fit more seats or have outside seating as you feel like you’re being pressured to finish your meal by hungry onlookers who want to take your seat! That being said, if you are like me and want to experience the best that wellington has to offer, please do yourself a favour and venture out to Prefab for a fix of fabulous food.

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