A Fiftieth Foxglove Feast

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Birthdays are a joyous occasion to throw away a little cash with friends and family and celebrate, however it’s not every day you turn 50, so to commemorate my Dad’s 50th, we pulled out all the stops! My parents had traipsed up to Wellington for Dad’s birthday as my siblings and I all live here, therefore us kids were restlessly researching places to take our dad to properly toast the big 5-0. We wanted somewhere with a drool-worthy menu, a classy ambiance, and one with great views and good reviews. After pretty much trawling through the whole internet, we all decided that the place that best met our tough criteria was; Foxglove.

Foxglove is one of Wellingtons favourite eating-out hot-spots – not only does it have incredible food with tantalizing drinks to pair, but it is also perched right on the edge of the waterfront straight down from the TSB center, giving it beautiful views of Wellington harbour that complement the dining experience perfectly. The actual restaurant itself is a dark wooden restored boathouse that has a warm and slightly hip ambiance on the inside that gives off a classy yet relaxed vibe. Since they knew it was a special occasion, the FOH staff gave us the VIP treatment and seated us right at the best table with stellar ocean views. With all the festivities happening what with present unwrapping and card opening, we completely forgot to even glance at the menu – which is highly unlike me! I was instantly drawn to the $10 mojito deal so my decision with drinks was a doddle, however choosing my lunch proved to be little more difficult. Foxglove has super variety on their menu – from burgers, to salads, to pasta, and tacos – that I was completely overwhelmed by the flavour opportunities (and potential food envy happening).

In the end, my gut decided to opt for a mushroom quesadilla which was quite honestly one of the tastiest quesadillas I have ever had. Now I love vegetarian foods…. Well actually I love all foods, but vegetarian dishes are especially delicious, and boy-oh-boy Foxglove can make some damn good meat-free meals – especially their quesadillas! The quesadilla is a Mexican classic, they’re super hard to mess up but can also be elevated and levelled-up in so many ways to create a mater dish; which is exactly what Foxglove has achieved. There was a perfect amount of oozy melted cheese that coated the perfectly cooked Mexican vegetables, and all of this paired with a fresh and tangy salsa, sour cream and fresh rocket made for a dish that any Mexican mother or restaurant would be proud to serve.

Foxglove has been on my hit-list ever since Wellington on a Plate, so you can imagine how happy I was to finally be graced by their hospitality, and what blooming good hospitality it was! After teeing everything up, and seeing just how they met our 50th birthday outing criteria, I rate them a solid 9/10 on the Café Crawler Lucy scale. Our waitress was an absolute doll who was super friendly and attentive, we had a view right across Wellingtons famous waterfront, the drinks were amazing (who could say no to a $10 Mojito??), and the food was sublime… every single one of my family members meals was utter glory and the plates were almost licked. I must say, after dining at Foxglove and I would put it on my top 10 places in Wellington to enjoy a meal out, and totally recommend it to anybody who wants to revel in a hip, cool yet classy dining adventure.

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