Krishna – Converted by The Curry

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What do you think when you hear Krishna? During university – whenever I heard that name I just thought of weird yoga with free food, people on the street silently ushering me to sign up to a new religion, and the heckin’ crazy loud & busy cafeteria at Vic Uni’s Pipitea campus – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, think of the Mean Girls wild animals cafeteria scene, but with Law Students involved. These kinda thoughts and feelings towards these food providers made me avoid their unbelievably cheap student eats – which after Monday’s trip to Kelburn Kampus Krishna (I had to Kardashian the ‘Campus’ – not even sorry) – I knew was a BIG mistake.

A few weeks ago, Krishna hit me up on the ‘gram and asked if I would like to try their new Kelburn campus eatery’s menu, and pushing aside any student-me speculations, I channeled my inner foodie and excitedly accepted – then I channeled the inner stalked and conducted a hardcore Insta stalk. Honestly – their old food truck must’ve been holding them back, because 3 years ago all I saw was cheap curry and rice, and now I’m seeing people eat raw slices, vegan sausage rolls, lasagna – you name it, they’ve made it vegan and are serving it up HOT!

Have you ever been back to your High School once you’re well graduated and felt like a parent? That’s how it felt walking right back into the Kelburn Campus – even though I’ve only finished Uni 6 months ago, but that weird too-old-for-this-kinda-Kirk-lecture didn’t stop me from skipping up to the brand-spanking new Krishna Café for a true vegan banquet.

Like I mentioned before, I thought Krishna only made curry, but since their menu had now tripled in size – Krishna treated me to the works! I was super lucky in being able to try their signature curry rice salad & dessert, their vegan sausage roll, a raw snickers bar, and both their soda and lassi drinks – so you can damn sure say I was more stuffed than a turkey on Christmas after that lot!

Let’s start with their customer-fave curry. This dish is the literal EPITOME of student deal – it’s cheap ($6), its massive (the whole plate was overflowing), and its bloody delicious. I’ve never seen lettuce served with curry before, but boy does it work well together! 1/3 of the dish was salad, so whilst getting a massive tasty portion you’re also getting some good nutrients from the greens. For those who don’t know Krishna, they also serve this little dessert/pudding ball thing alongside the curry – which I have a new hack for that you students out there will want to hear. I found this pudding a little stodgy and flavourless (which I understand because its hard and costly to make things healthy & vegan) and thought to myself, “this pudding NEEDS sauce”. So, you bet it – I poured that mango lassi all over that bad boy, and it worked flavour wonders!

Next, we have their vegan sausage roll. Sausage rolls are my true love in life – so I set the bar pretty high, especially for a vegan one. After one bite of that blisteringly hot roll, I was pretty much sold on their vegan diet. I don’t know how they did it, but they made that sausage roll taste more hearty, spicy, and delicious than most sausage rolls I’ve ever tasted. Mad kudos to you Krishna.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, I tried their raw snickers slice. I’m not a mad fan of snickers in the first place, as I’m not much of a fan of peanuts, and expected a stodgy, pea-nutty kinda thing – but instead I was met with a chocolatey, not pea-nutty but other nutty, texture-packed slice, that I easily finished off (and nearly licked the plate along with it).

Vic Uni students, I’m jealous of you. Every day you have the opportunity to get filled up with fresh vegan food for as little as $6 – how good is that?? Being a super poor Uni student myself who struggled to make ends meet, and only ate out once in a blue moon – Krishna is a true legend for allowing people who struggle with cash flow like I did, to actually get their forks stuck into hearty food, that’s hearty, vegan, nutritious, and WON’T set you back into the negatives. An 8/10 for the food – but I think fellow alumni and current students can agree 11/10 on the price and incentives.

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