5 Top Drunk Eats for Vegetarians in Wellington

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Imagine this: you’re in town having a dance at Danger-Danger, which then turns into a 3-hour club crawl along Courtenay place. You’ve had a cracking night, but after 4 hours of slaying the d-floor, you’re in the mood for a high-calorie post-club chow down. Luckily, the city of Wellington loves its drunk eats just as much as drinking itself, so it’s after town food scene is definitely one to feed the masses. However, meat still reigns supreme – especially with the new addition of KFC – so I’m here to tell you guys about the top 5 vegetarian drunk eats that’ll make you even hungrier for your next night out!

1. Zambrero

Zambrero is famous for its after town feeds since its always open until 5am – meaning if you’re an all-night kinda person, this place always has your back when you need a mean Mexi-fix. This place does a variety of meats, but the ingredient that makes their food sing is 100% the refried beans and rice combo – which is why their vegetarian bean wrap is number 1 on my drunk foods hit list. For $12 you can get a burrito the size of your forearm packed with all the beans, rice, guac, and salsa you need. But that’s not all – you get to choose ANY sauces you want – and we all know that when you’re drunk any food tastes like heaven, so even if the sauce combo you choose doesn’t match, you’re drunk so you’re still gonna vibe it.

2. Courtenay Place Bakery

We’ve had a little taste of Mexican meals, however with this drunk eat, I’m taking you all the way back to New Zealand – specifically Courtenay Place Bakery – for a taste of the classic kiwi pie. Well, not the classic kiwi pie – that would be the mince and cheese combo. No, this is what us vegetarians/pescatarians now consider our kiwi class, a humble vegetable pie. This may sound boring to you – but before you give in to the oozy mincemeat, I want you to consider the ultimate flavours of carrot, kumura, peas, and potato (there may be other things in there but my drunk memory is impaired) all mixed together with a thiccc gravy that is bursting with winter crock-pot flavours. If you’ve never eaten a pie drunk, your life has only been half-lived, and if you haven’t eaten a veggie pie drunk – you may as well skull a bottle of Smirnoff now and get down to Courtney Place to see why it’s such an iconic mealtime moment.

3. Tommy Millions

If you don’t know what Tommy Millions is and you live in Wellington, please swiftly exit our city and don’t worry about coming back. Why? I would go as far as saying that having a slice of Tommy Millions is the initiation ceremony into Wellington. Their pizzas are NY-worthy, and with 5 set flavours and a weekly special teasing you from their window every day – it’s hard not to be tempted when you’re sober, but when you’re drunk? That’s a whole other battle – in which the pizza always wins. The best thing about Tommy’s, is not only are they open to the early hours to feed the lack-of-self-controlled drunkards, but normally 3 of their pizzas are vegetarian or vegan! For me, the go-to is their fungi pizza, which is a mass of mushrooms on a white base, oozing with beautiful mozzarella, all supported by a perfectly puffy crust. If you’re on your way back to Te Aro from town, make this your 1st stop before saying hello to a sobering slumber.

4. Lord of the Fries

This is a newcomer to the post-town food scene, who prides themselves on bringing our capital a variation of vegan food that mirrors the likes of a whopper burger or nugget combo that you see from regular fast food giants. Even though Lord of the Fries is a little far from the hustle and bustle of Courtenay Place, their drunk-food deals are certainly worth the stumble up Cuba Street. Once you get there, you’ll find other like-minded and drunk-hungry vegans and vegetarians loitering around waiting for their share of fast food – but don’t be tempted by the burgers or nuggets, no. Save your dollars and spend them on something legit: their loaded fries. Now, when I say loaded fries, I don’t just mean a slap of cheese and some sauce – I’m talking a box full of starchy carbs, thicc gravy, melty curds and salty fake meats that’ll satisfy any cravings you’ve ever had. Just don’t eat it in bed when you’ve got a white waffle duvet – it’ll stain that MF big time, and you don’t need that hassle when hungover.

5. Subway

For those vegan or vegetarian drunks who prefer to eat a little lighter on their nights out – don’t worry – Subway will always have your back. Guaranteed, Subway did get a little same-y with either a vegetable or veggie patty sub, however, with their new introduction of falafel, feta (for the non-vegans) and sun-dried tomatoes, Subway has definitely become a go-to for a drunk post-town dinner. My go to order was always the flatbread, but since they’ve ditched that delicious bread, I’ve become a wrap girl myself. Chuck some falafel, feta, all the salads, tzatziki and garlic aioli on that bad-boy – and you’ve got yourself something sensationally filling and fresh for a vegetarian (but can be veganised) post town treat.

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