Temperance Society: A Truly Tempting Brunch

Temperance Society is truly a hidden gem of Melbourne. Whilst it’s a little way out of the CBD, I can definitely tell you the trip is worth the treats you find at the end of your travels.

Dinner by Heston: A Fantastical Food Journey

Since discovering the food channel on Sky TV 7 years ago, I’ve been obsessed with molecular gastronomy and the memories you can create or recreate with food. Of course, there is only one true god of gastronomy who has never ceased to push the boundaries of food – Heston Blumenthal.

Oikos X Townhouse Ramen: An Unusual Duo

Okay, by the title of the review, you’re probably thinking “How the heck can an Asian ramen chef duo do a food collaboration with a Greek chef??” – well, just hold your horses, because it’s not as crazy as it seems. Read my new review to see just how good a Greek can pair with some top notch Asian chefs!

Noble Rot: Wine Bar or Wine Fungus?

To some people, noble rot is a type of fungus that infests crops of grapes, damaging their properties. To us Wellingtonians, Noble Rot is the prestigious wine bar tucked away on the corner of Swan Lane.

Cicio Cacio x Oiekos: A Mediterranean Master-feast

We all know that when you go to an Italian dinner, you don’t leave until you’re well and truly full. But what happens when you got to a Greek and Italian degustation? Well, I can only describe it as an incredible feast that leaves you more stuffed than a turkey on Christmas.

5 Top Drunk Eats for Vegetarians in Wellington

Imagine this: you’re in town having a dance at Danger-Danger, which then turns into a 3-hour club crawl along Courtenay place. You’ve had a cracking night, but after 4 hours of slaying the d-floor, you’re in the mood for a high-calorie post-club chow down. Luckily, the city of Wellington loves its drunk eats just as…

Botanical-Based Bliss at The Botanist

Okay, so, I’ve been a vegetarian/pescatarian for about a year now, and I can confidently say that I’ve tasted about 80% of Wellington’s best vegan and vegetarian spots and written a decent review on. HOWEVER. There is one place, which I consider to be Wellington’s most-famous vault of vegan food, that I haven’t actually done…

My 2019 WOAP Winners

The results are in, and the winners of Wellington on a Plate have all been announced! I would like to shout a massive congratulations to the champions of our city’s culinary scene; Grace Patisserie, Café Medici, Pravda Café! Even though these were the judge’s choice of winners, they’re not necessarily who I would’ve chosen to…

Saving the Suburban Social Scene: Seatoun Sprig & Fern.

Ah – after a whole month of Wellington on a Plate burger-binging and dessert-demolishing, it’s good to be back to exploring Wellington’s food gems. I’m not going to lie, I had an amazing time and tried some incredible things (blog post coming soon), but I was in dire need of something that wasn’t sandwiched between…

A Hunger for Hiakai

Wellington is known for 3 things: It’s wind, its’s locals who can’t get their head around wellington on a good day, and its vibrant food scene. Our coolest little capitals streets are all dedicated to a variety of establishments, all go-to’s for different occasions: You want cheap Asian food? You go to Cuba. You want…